The Furry Music Foundation, submitted by sep. And on the topic of people who need to be punched, throw furries on that list double. This website is about music. Not just any music's about Furry Music.

Who are we?

The Furry Music Foundation is an informal organization of furries, for furries and with furries, working separately and together for the good of furry music. It consists of both this web site and the physical equivalent; the FMF members, making beautiful as well as cool music.

Definition of FMF service
Furry Music Foundation has as goal to promote and serve the development and performance of furry music, and furry musicians. FMF strives to achieve this in a number of ways.

Exposure: The FMF Archive provides free exposure for the best furry music there is today, directly available for download. Location: We help musical furries to find each other over the world, for collaboration with music, performing, and other useful ways furry musicians can help each other.

Advice: FMF members and staff can help you when you've got questions about music and related topics. Useful information can also be found at the site. Public Interest: Keeping and finding new public interest, assisting with public relations, providing material of interest for both musicians and furries in general.

So the world's stupidest fetish is now striving to create the world's stupidest music. How quaint. Enjoy the beautiful tunes...and submit some of your own! Only finished works, please! They accept nothing but the finest quality!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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