Trick~Shot~Sharp~Shooters, submitted by Lowtax. I was sort of flippant about doing my first ALOD. I've seen some pretty horrid websites in my time, and the idea of handling some furry site or Live Journal seemed almost boring. Then I gazed upon the horrors awaiting me at the Trick~Shot~Sharp~Shooters. This site is so ungodly that it's almost beautiful.

This group of "Sharp Shooters" is never really explained beyong being some... vague online gaming group. Billiards? Poker? Synchronized swimming? I have no clue, because the site seems to be trying to hide this information from anyone foolish enough to visit. This is an incredibly small flaw to point out, however, considering the fact that this site employs the most laughably hideous layout I've ever seen, including liberal use of pointless gifs such as this:

Would you like an annoying cursor trail? Sure thing! How about an embedded page-within-a-page structure which has no point whatsoever, and a popup box that asks for your name? Yup! Say, I bet you'd like a side of "the bottom of the embedded page is completely blank for a full screen length for no reason whatsoever", wouldn't you? I knew you would! That's not enough? You want a blinking, flashing, color-changing scrollbar on a left-hand menu frame which actually has an ad banner built into it? COMING RIGHT UP!

I'll admit I'm possibly being a bit harsh. Once you look past this site's initial flaws, I'm sure you'll be able to uncover some truly good things. Things such as a helpful page for you to "REPOPRT LOSS" and an actual link to All Your Goddam Base Are Belong To Us. This amounts to undeniable proof that we must develop a way to transform web pages into actual living beings, then shoot this one in the face and launch it into the heart of the sun on some sort of rocket.

– State Og Representative

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