penance & ligeia's Gothic Wedding, submitted by Jordan. Ah, marriage. It's a time-honored tradition that binds two people to one another for the rest of their days. It's a celebration of the incredible love that serves as a reminder that no matter what atrocities appear in the newspapers, there is still something good and noble about the human race. It's a testament to the black abyss of endless torment and agony in which we dwell until our final days when death's sweet embrace shall free us from our shackles of opression and the so-called "happiness" imposed upon us by a culture of fools. Uh, I mean... crap, I've spent too much time at this site. Penance and Ligeia are two goths whose dark passions have united them under the eyes of the Evil Lord. Now you, too, can share in their joy, er, sorrow. They've posted page after disturbing page of pictures from their gothtastic wedding and honeymoon.

It doesn't get much better, folks. It's like Cliff Yablonski's trophy room in there. Enter the pit, if you have the stomach for it.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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