IGN, submitted by J. The Yellow. Gaming websites have been in a steady decline since the dot com implosion a few years ago, yet a tenacious few like Game Spy and IGN have managed to cling onto life by filling their sites with outrageous numbers of full screen animated ads and text overlays. Few would begrudge them their right to make money from their content, but the escalation of advertising on these sites was so bad that it seemed it could not possibly get any worse. I was proven wrong a few days ago when IGN unleashed their McDonald's McGriddle site design. Imagine McGriddles motherfucking everywhere, the McDonalds logo all over their menu and completely integrated into the site design. Even the color scheme had been changed. It was like IGN had suddenly changed into a McDonald's web site. Attention getting? Absolutely. Fucking retarded? Even more absolutely.

The design is currently down and has been replaced by a slightly more low-key Electronic Arts themed design which is at least based around a company related to gaming. Thanks to the magic crystal ball of SA forum member Hoffma we can see what SA's upcoming McGriddle-theme will look like.

I wish that was an exaggeration of how bad IGN looked, but it's not. In fact I think it's missing about ten text overlays of the McGriddle and an embedded MP3 of sizzling grease.

Seriously IGN, your insane love of interstitials has made you nearly useless but unless you also want to be a laughingstock I suggest you stop letting advertisers dictate what your site design looks like. If nothing else I hope you silly retards at least made enough money to buy Porsches to drive to your garage and get in your flying Porsches.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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