MEN IN ONE-PIECE SWIMSUITS SITE, submitted by Anthalas. I think it's high time we take a break from showcasing the usual sites filled with horrible imagery and disturbing content and instead focus on a man with a truly noble website:

The first time I wore a one-piece swimsuit in public was on holiday .It was a hot sunny day near the pool at the hotel. I was in need of a dip in the pool to cool off .At the time I was wearing a T-shirt over my swimsuit laying on a sunbed .I will be quite honest with you I was fairly nervous by this time. Then I said to my self "what the hell" pulled my T-shirt over my head, Walked to the side of the pool and got in. To my surprise no one took any notice except for one person who had a second look. From that day I have never looked back, I have had very few problems at all wearing them in public. I could never imagine myself ever swimming in briefs or shorts ever again.

This man not only had the bravery to cover up his fear of going bare-chested in public with a one-piece swimsuit, HE COURAGEOUSLY STARTED A WEBSITE ABOUT IT! Now all of you men out there no longer have to live with the shame of exposing your naked chest to the public! You can go out there and look manly in your one-piece women's swimsuit!

The great thing about this site is that not only does it promote a positive agenda, but it also offers sound advice:

The most important tip I can give you is to get a suit that fits you correctly plus comfortable to wear. Nothing looks worse than someone wearing a suit that is the wrong size plus the more comfy the more confident.

You might think information like this costs thousands of dollars, but guess again, BECAUSE IT'S FREE! What's more, this site features an extensive gallery of real men posing provocatively in their one-piece swimsuits. I can't tell how exciting that is, suffice to say it rivals the thrill of trying to derail a train with your face. If you don't believe in the value of a site like this, then just take a look at some of the reader feedback:

Last week, on Thursday, i was in a indoor swimmingpool. It's near of mine. I put on my oceanline race suit and gone to the pool. It was a really liberated feeling to wear a swimsuit instead of a pant. Some people looked a little bit dismayed, but this is none of my business. I was a little bit surprised, because the bath attendant doesn't noticed mine. In a other indoor swimmingpool the bath attendant looked like i'm a hermaphrodite, but this isn't my problem, i think. It was and of course it is a really liberation of mine. You aren't so naked and better dressed i think. And finally: Pants of Shorts wears nearly everyone, but one piece swimsuits is much more exclusive.


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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