We are used to thinking of human progress as a constant thing, but there are times when catastrophes or slow decay may cause a place once popular and well-maintained to become abandoned and fall to ruin. Sometimes these places are amazing. They are incredible or astonishing. They might even be bewildering. Come with us on a journey of the 11 most amazing abandoned places you will ever see completely different from every other list of abandoned places you have ever seen.



St. Bartholomew's was finally shuttered in 1989 due to America's turn away from Catholicism in favor of better churches that offer rock concerts and pastors that walk around a stage wearing a headset mic while they talk about Islam. This gothic cathedral has since fallen into disrepair. Some of its beautiful stained glass windows are intact, lending this abandoned place a remarkable beauty and a place on our list of most amazing abandoned places.


It is hard to believe that less than fifteen years ago people were buying bubble lawn mowers and Taz
shirts at this Wal-Mart store in rural Arkansas. Once this lot was full of families stocking up on cans of compressed air for their dusty computers. These days you're more likely to see a cat or a teenager smoking a cigarette in the parking lot.

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