The Invisible Personnel and Criminal Life Control Surveillance S, submitted by grzydj.I'm in relatively cruel mood today so I'm going to lay this awful link on yo stank ass. Now I've seen all kind of sites with rambling, insane, paranoid gibberish, but this one takes the cake. It appears that Alan Yu, a full time "scientist" that doesn't get paid, has discovered a huge conspiracy involving invisibility technology. I put the words invisibility technology in bold because Alan Yu likes to say the phrase invisibility technology multiple times in each sentence. Lets dive head first into this mess and see what Alan Yu has discovered about invisibility technology.

I expose invisibility technology because currently invisibility technology is neither used for the interests of national security (investigate spy, and terrorism), nor used for fighting crimes. Instead it is used by involved police, government agents and recruited operatives (non-lethal weapon users) to commit crimes and unlawfully control the lives of all Americans (see Part I-B1). They have committed treason, betrayed American public and the public officials many times to advanced their unlawful interests and power. They would also harm the health of any American who are not associated with them (see the proof on (Part II-E1).
The invisible personnel include involved police, government agents and recruited civilian operatives. Many facts prove that involved local police/agents already used the invisibility technology on Americans before 1971 (see Part1-A3).
Agent O'Neil's FBI career was severely damaged for taking classified documents out of his FBI offices in NY. The FBI HQ had ordered him to attend a FBI conference in Florida. He arrived with some classified documents in his briefcase. During the conference, he received a call on his mobile phone. He couldn't hear the caller. So, he walked out to take the call and left his briefcase in the conference room with 150 FBI agents. When he returned, the briefcase was gone. After several hours of searching, O'Neill reported to his boss that he had lost his briefcase with several classified documents in it. Although they did recover the briefcase and fingerprint analysis showed the classified documents had not been tampered with, O'Neill was in serious trouble. But this mistake also prove that invisibility technology was not openly used by US government and Agent O'Neill didn't know invisibility technology. Otherwise, he would know invisible personnel could secretly spy on him for internal security and they would knew that he had some classified documents in his briefcase. Also, if he knew invisibility technology, he definitely would not left his briefcase in the room unattended. Because invisible personnel could use invisibility technology to steal it in the few minutes that he was out. So, I deduce that John O'Neill must have been set up by invisible personnel (involved FBI agents and their civilian operatives). Their collaborator called him while he was in the conference room. They intentionally used bad reception to lure him out with his briefcase unattended. During this time, the invisible personnel used invisibility technology to steal it within a minute. After that, they waited for O'Neill to report his mistake to his FBI boss. Then, the invisible personnel returned the briefcase because O'Neill's career was damaged.

Oh...I see. Wait, no I don't. So how is the government and police exactly using invisibility technology to commit crimes against the American public? Are they peeping in our windows at night while we are dancing in our Huckleberry Hound underwear? Do they sneak into movie theaters without paying the admission fees? Lets take another look into this vast and sweeping conspiracy. There is so much ranting text here that I'm just going to pick a random section.

One of Alan Yu's invisible perps caught on film!

The tiny invisible personnel (who enter people's home and keep the victim under close surveillance & control) can loosen the victim's teeth while he is sleeping by gently landing on the area between the victim's upper lip and nose and attacking his gums with infrasound weapon. The tiny invisible personnel can also land on the area between low lip and chin to attack a target's gum to damage the tooth. The goal is to cause the unknowing victim to lose his teeth as if the result of natural causes. By using infrasound to attack the gums of the teeth, the invisible personnel can loosen the victim's teeth and cause them drop out.

Oh my god, the monsters! Not only are they abusing invisibility technology, but they are fooling us all that our teeth are naturally falling out when it's really invisible people shooting our gums with ray guns! This is an outrage and I am going to write my state representative about this outrageous misuse of invisibility technology. Thank you Alan Yu for showing me the truth even though it took me 7 months to read your entire site. Invisibility technology.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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