Yiffy World, submitted by Shadowrunner. Okay, let me get the complaints out of the way: "wah, Lowtax, not another furry site!" "All Something Awful shows is furry sites!" "Furries are people too! Well, except they want to transform into animals and have sex with other animals, but besides that they are people too!" Now let me address these concerns. First of all, yes, this is another furry site. Secondly, Something Awful spotlights awful sites in the ALoD section; unfortunately furries are pretty awful, so they are a popular target. Lastly, well, lastly... uh... hey guys, want to roleplay as characters from "The Lion King" and have sex with each other? I know I do; I'm feeling yiffy!

a yiffy RP (warning, may get up to XXX rated. lol)
Cool Kovu - Diego smiled and purred and gently moved her tail aside with his back paws and started to tickle her tailhole
Sokota - Sokota murred quietly and stretched her body out over the rock.
Cool Kovu - Diego smirked and flipped her onto her back and grinned
Sokota - Sokota grinned and looked up at him.
Cool Kovu - Diego chuckled and got some vine from around him
Sokota - Sokota licked his nose and swatted her tail, watching him curiously.
Cool Kovu - Diego smirked and tied the vine to her paw and then to the edge of the rock, then did the same to the other paws. she was pulled out like a big X on her back. Diego smirked
Sokota - Sokota stayed tied patiently. She sighed softy.
Cool Kovu - Diego Smiled and licked her tail gently. he slowly went down to the base of it, stopping before reaching her tailhole.

Okay, a few questions directed at nobody in particular here:

1) Why do people take children's cartoons and turn them into masturbation material? Isn't there already enough porn in the world without having to defile images created for children?
2) Why do people pretend they're animals who have sex with other people pretending to be animals? No seriously, why?
3) Why do these people do it on a public forum where millions upon millions of people can read it?

I guess I don't have much of a problem with people privately pretending they're two dimensional animated Disney animals having sex with each other, but I really don't understand why they would choose to do this in a public location that anybody can stumble upon. Are they proud of their erotic, poetic prose? Has the Internet really desensitized people to the point where there is no shame? Oh Lowtax, how dare you pick on these nice furries, you're just like Adolf Hitler or the KKK or that mean kid at the bus stop who insulted my stained Honey Cutey t-shirt! These people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as their tiger-fucking antics don't hurt anybody, and you're a big meanie for making fun of them! The only reason the furry movement has grown so big on the Internet is because nobody has invented an effective method to punch people in the throat online. "Shame" is no longer in our vocabulary, and this lack of embarrassment has led to the exponential growth of groups who would otherwise be too humiliated to speak of their zebra cock-loving fantasies in public. Thank you very much, Internet!

PS: According to what he wrote in this thread, the site's webmaster believes he is not a human being.

if i was human i would do that, but beings im not, i cant, al i can do is loath most humans

PPS: Also according to this thread, the same non-human webmaster mentioned above loves the taste of semen. Color me surprised.

mines nasty, now all we gotta do is get u into the other liquid that comes outta that hole....wut? i like it

Seriously folks, what's wrong with you?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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