SHRINKING, submitted by Billy Cilton. On Tuesday I brought you the highly erotic adventures of masturbating to really large anime girls. Today I bring you something on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, although it's somehow still as pathetic: masturbating you really TINY anime girls! I figure between today and Tuesday, I will have successfully offended both sides of the "oddly sized anime" fandom, and I'll wake up tomorrow to the shouts of pasty fat guys holding large posterboard signs which read "LARGE OR POSSIBLY SMALL CARTOON CHARACTERS ARE AWESOME!" and also feature giant drawings of Misty from Pokemon shoving an entire cake up her vagina.

Within these pages you’ll find a collection of art and images showing the female form dwindling in size. Shrinking is a way of initiating someone not willing to respect the magic or science of a world they don’t quite understand. Or it can be a fun prank on a person who is all too confident in their role within the physical world. Whether it is from a potion, a curse, or the spell of a sorcerer; the results can be harmful if not done properly. One of the unfortunate effects of the process is that the person’s clothing rarely shrinks with them, thus leaving them to brave a changed world unclad. So, if you find a dress and some shoes piled on the floor, be careful, there just might be a naked and very embarassed woman inside.

Oh hell yes! Get really tiny! Become less normal sized! Oh momma, this is sexy as hell! You people are still stupid sick!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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