Barry Bonds' LiveJournal, submitted by me. Well, it's not quite a LiveJournal, but it's close enough. Here's a snip:

I would love to have a good relationship with the media. I would love to let the reporters have what they want. But every time I've taken two steps forward, they've taken two steps backward. Every time I try to give them what they want, there's something else they're trying to find or make me say that's negative.

I'm a human being. I'm not perfect. I'm not going to be perfect.

But don't just jump on me every chance you get, because I don't satisfy your need at the moment. That's not fair to me as a person.


Of course, this journal entry was heavily edited by a PR person before it was posted to the web, here's what Barry originally wrote:

the media can cram a stick up their asses and salute their shorts 2 the moon 4 I care I'm barry bonds and i hit home runs. they cant hit home runs all they can do is get on my case and try to talk 2 me i mean wtf. if i try to b nice 2 them and not spit in their face they ask me more questions this is bullshit i bet these reporters dont even pay their misteresses like i do jeezus

the media always wants a piece of me because they are all gay. they always try 2 tear down my towel and sneek a peek at "mr. .800" those gays why are they so gay intervies is gay i hate press conferences i hit home runs they should try to hit a home run instead of being gay with each other in the on deck circle i hit home runs

Barry Bonds is quite possibly the most unlikable baseball player since Ty Cobb, but if you're looking to feel sorry for a guy who makes $18 million a year, head right on over.

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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