Insane Shane McKane - The King Of Country Bling!, submitted by Katie. Are you ready for a middle aged in-your-face country rapper with such edgy songs as "I Put The 'Ho' In Hoedown" and "Nobel Peace A' Ass Prize"? Did I mention he has attitude? Attitude! I think that could really be a selling point if you were thinking about buying his album but weren't quite sure. He sticks his middle finger up and everything! This guy is totally wacky and he lives up to his monicker. How do I know?

He's been unleashing his brand of Rude C&W / Southern Rock, blended with Wild, Funny, “Redneck-Rap”, like a junkyard dog pissin' on a chain link fence!...The 1st of his breed, (maybe inbreed?) and he's damned proud of it! This Raging-Redneck comes out on stage wearing “Big Gold Stearhornz.”..over a foot long and if you look closely you'll see the liltle Gold Rooster danglin' from his ear.

Only someone that's wacky and insane would wear big gold "stearhornz" while making hilarious jokes about inbreeding and a dog urinating, that's how I know. Also, when you weren't looking fanny packs became INSANE and totally ALL UP IN YOUR TRUCK GRILL (I just made up that truck grill thing all by myself).

Ahahaha horny! Get it? Wait, are we even allowed to say horny on the internet?

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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