Lists are big on the Internet these days. Also popular, despite being around for a really long time and even predating the online era, is music. With "Top 5 All-Time Favorite Bands," WET BUTT and some other FYAD music buffs combine the hot article format of today with a timeless topic!


1. Sublime
Gotta give it up to sublime. they knew what they did and they did it right. this is straight up smoke a bowl and chill out music

2. Sublime
i cant have a list without sublime on it, these were just some of your everyday guys who decided music doesnt have to be some big statement or hipster thing, sometimes its just the soundtrack to the backyard

3. Sublime
almost a little low for these guys for me, but maybe i dont wanna put them up on a pedestal cause they wouldnt like that. this is down to earth music, its the kind of music you listen to before you have a nap on beers. period

4. Sublime
I know theyre not the coolest band, but the thing is they never tried to be. sublime is just some fun shit, this is the chuck e cheese of music. maybe sneak a blunt or two in the ball pit next time lol

5. Sublime w/ Rome
many people love to hate on sublime with rome, but i think comparing it to old sublime is like comparing an apple to an orange, theyre almost exactly the same and are only different in color. Much respect also to rome for naming himself after history, as any educated person will tell you history is where the real shit went down and the present is basically just fake politics parties and american apparel and ipods

-B l a z e i n g-

Sublime. Not a band that I hate, or love, but do recognize as chill and cool, and okay to listen to if I'm rocking a good IPA buzz, or tokeing some decent reafer - by myself at least. However, nothing sends me spiraling down into a psychotic rage more than being at the bar, or a summer backyard grill party, and some iPod shuffle DJ decides to put on Sanitaria or Date raping and everyone lights up like a daggum Tokyo sky scraper because 1) everyone just has to point out that Sublime is playing and 2)all of the cool normal people with average lyrical memorization get to sing along all happy and interconnected connected while Im sitting there trying to bob my head to the rhythm, and my retardatien shows itself. "What's the matter bro, you don't like sublime bro?" Check please. I hope the Redbox has some titles worthy of my taste.

Dr. Spiderman

Alice in Chains written 5 times in different, increasingly grunge-appropriate microsoft office fonts.


#1. Temple of the Dog - the 90s alternative fandom made a wish and it came true, field of Dreams style as eddie vedder and audioslave guy emerge from a cornfrield to sing one song together about bread. This is one time where the dogs bark is a lot better than its bite! The song came out before irony was invented so the lyrics are all true and not stupid

little munchkin

1: Homework-era Daft Punk
2: Discovery-era Daft Punk
3: Daft Punk's new single, Lucky, featuring Pharrell Williams
4: Human After All-era Daft Punk
5: Daft Punk remixes & singles compilations

Trevor Weedheart

Sage Francis and Aesop Rock. Basically the daft punk of hip hop if there were two daft punks that owned at slam poetry and feelings rap


My Top 5 White Rappers:

1. Macklemore
2. Eminem
edit:3. Common
4. Beastie Boys
edit:5. Shakira

edit: Nevermind. Never fucking mind. Just did a google image search. Look, just fuck it. Mods? Can I have someone delete this post please? Erase it from the website? How do I unsend it. How do I delete the post?

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