Mad Maxed, submitted by Toady. Keeping with the Mad Max theme, today I'm linking a wonderful fan fiction story about the forbidden love between Max Rockatansky and his partner James Goose from the first movie. If you don't feel like reading it for an hour here is a random sample.

"He couldn't hold back the tears that sprang to his eyes and began weeping in gratitude, shooting all over himself violently while his body convulsed and he cried out Max's name over and over. It was music to Max's ears more so than any woman's cry of delight, and when Goose finally collapsed in a breathless heap and laid silently again, Max looked down at himself, not believing how hard and swollen he was. He felt pretty sure that he could pop his load in one stroke if he wanted, but the physical pleasure in his groin was almost secondary to the intensity of the pleasure that burned throughout his being and right into every single nerve ending of his body to his heart and soul. It burned and it raged, and it felt RIGHT."

"Good boy," he finally grunted when he was sure he could speak without stammering. It had been obvious from the way Goose was looking at him that he was expecting Max to say something, and Max, using his instincts again, must have said just the right thing by the beaming look of adoration and pride on Goose's face."

Somebody spent hours, and days, and weeks writing this shit. Stop ruining cool movies with your gay fan fiction you bloated freaks! I'm not yelling at you I'm yelling at the person who wrote this, but they probably won't see this so I don't even know why I bother.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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