Big Bass Bounty Hunter, submitted by G-Force. If you enjoy challenges and thrills great and small, I command you to test your might against this website. With more useless content than most encyclopedias jammed a few single pages, this site will test the very limits of your computer, pushing it to calculate the square root of infinity. Don't even bother going there if you use some girlish browser like Firefox, because it will wet its pants. I'm pretty sure this site is about bass fishing, but it's quite possibly something far more monumental in scope.

It's like somebody was struck by lightning and all but the part of the brain that focuses on bass fishing was erased. And because of the lingering electrical charge of the lightning, the bass fishing sector spread to occupy the entire brain, creating a superhuman bass fisherman with no other skills or thoughts whatsoever. It makes for terrifying philosophical stuff, straight out of Stan Lee's worst nightmares.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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