Girls I Got, submitted by me. A man details every woman he has had sex with in his life, and is kind enough to provide a picture of each. Along the way we learn a little about ourselves, love, and the heartbreaking tale of one man's tragic loss when a roll of film containing pictures of a Japanese stripper he had sex with disappeared.

Note that there are 39 pictures here. This is because I touched the pussy of one of these girls with my penis, but never pushed it inside of her and never ejaculated inside of her. Can you guess which one? The answer is on my website. Does she count as a girl I fucked? I am not sure. Under the judicially established "Lewinsky Rule", she counts, but under Sam's Rule, she does not. With that one exception, I ejaculated inside of all of these girls. No protection.

We salute you, creepy guy.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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