Golden Angels, submitted by me. Right off the bat, let me clarify that I was NOT searching for golden showers+"portal of love" or any variation thereof when I found this site, ok? I don't know why some of you people are so gross but insinuating that I was is just plain wrong and you're all gross.

Welcome dearest friends to our portal of love and light,

We, the Golden Angels, are known throughout the many Universes as the Elohim Masters who humbly collaborate with God/dess and the Angelic Host to share the remembrance teachings of sacred co-creator wisdoms residing within the eternal heart of all Souls.

Throughout the many ages that have passed, we have worked closely with humanity from the higher multi-dimensional planes of creation, acting as muses to inspire exploration and expression of these co-creator truths which are your inherent birthright.

Haha. Take note of the brainwashing block of scrolling purple text at the top of the page that includes such nonsensical New Age gems as "Love is ~ I am!" and "I am that I am". Maybe I'm being too harsh, some of this poetry is killer stuff.

Angelic Light and Love

A Golden Angel will always shine Angelic Light and Love

On each and everyone of us every day and night

They hold your hand and make you warm when you need their help

The Golden Angels Love EVERYONE in the world

and always will forever and ever

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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