tarotgal's Realm, submitted by Abraham. As the human population increases, so to do the number of things that get sexualized, as everybody races to erect a big old sexual flag in every concept abstract or tangible known to man. Sneezing is a pretty obvious one, and this site is one of the more complete repositories of sneezing-related eroticism.

If you've ever wanted to download wav files of people sneezing or read Harry Potter fan fiction involving sneezing, then I hate you and want you to die. But you can die happy, because this site will probably give you peace in your last days.

Also by god here is an excerpt from a Pearl Jam erotic sneezing fan fiction story!

"uhhhhCHOOO! UhhhhhCHISHHHOOOOO! Uuuuuuhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhhhhIHHHCHOOOO!" He sneezed powerfully, his body shaking, lurching forward, off the couch perfectly. He apologized but it was no use, he couldn’t get a word in. "I’m uuuhhhhIHHCHOO! UhhhSHUSHHH! uuuuiihhhhhhCHUSHHH! so… uuuhhhhhCHHHHSSSSSHHH! So sorr.. sorr… uhhhhIIHHHCHHHH! UhhCHOOO! UHHCHOO! I just cad’t he… help… uhhhh uhhhh" he was trying so hard to fight them off, but the tickling was so intense, the feeling so strong. "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhCHHHHOOOOOO!"

She grabbed at him, holding him tightly. "I’ll take care of everything, Eddie… " she laughed, pulling him, pushing him, letting him take hold of her as only he could. And as he sneezed and moaned weakly, he was caught in the thrusts of ecstasy and passion. And though he was weak, he went hard. He let her take him. Let her nurture him. Let her make him feel so weak but so loved, protected and taken care of. He lost himself in her arms. And though he was chilled and ailing, she gave him peace. And offered him Release.

Well now I've seen everything!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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