Crystal Clear, submitted by YT300000. John Ellis is the only one in the world that knows how to use electrons and differential pressures to RESULTS. So says the Crystal Clear Electron Water/Air Machine website, which proudly announces that you can cure cancer and grow 22-foot tall ears of corn with magic water blessed by a mysterious device.

In addiction to offering informative information on this miracle machine, you can find stunning facts about H20 such as:

Osmosis in trees and plants STOPS when it's raining and starts again when it's DRY! Using the water to make ordinary ice cubes, though the ENERGY is still there, it only expresses itself, and osmosis only occurs, when it's not raining. Water processed TRULY nature's way (God's way if you will) is "programmed" to respond this way. This is the water our Lord and nature wants you to have!

Wow, it's so simple even a dummy could understand it!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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