Petticoat Punishment Art, submitted by me. Some people like reading stories about young boys being forced to wear girls' clothes, because these people were born with their brains upside down.

For me, the tension vanishes from a story as soon as the victim thinks that wearing girl's clothes isn't so bad. He should fear exposure as a boy-girl or sissy and he should be exposed as one. He may be dressed as a sissy or he may wear clothing inappropriate for his age. He may have a short haircut or his tormentor may let him look like a proper girl but call him by his own name or otherwise identify him as a male. He may try to look and act as much like a girl as possible in order to avoid detection, but that very attempt is humiliating for him.

This site is essentially one big advertisement trying to get perverts to pay for the full editions of some "petticoat punishment" stories along with some truly horrible art.

I do not care for this website.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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