Realdoll Charlie Joanne, submitted by Chasie.

Sex toys so real in every way done in erotic stories. Nude pictures, sexy shows and goodies of me and my real doll friends Taffy, Zoe and Koko. 22 characters in all including my three sisters and hot mom Mrs J.

We're sex toys and we all hang out at my best friend Taffy's Double D club right here in Dolltown. Double D is what we call the club, but it's really the Doll Doll Club, you know, like girl-girl, except this is doll-doll. Double D is the place to be to see a sex toy play with another sex toy with sex toys tee hee!

As you might have guessed, this site is not work safe.

Charlie Joanne, a Realdoll, gets naked and has fake sex with other fake women so that real weirdos can pay real money each month to access pictures and videos of some dude's inanimate masturbatory aid. Nothing wrong with the site so far!

Be sure to check out the "About Me" section for some fruity details about each doll, including mockups of their driver's licenses, license plates, and dollar bills with their faces stamped on the front. Looks like they're going after the DMV employee, federal prisoner, and accountant demographics in one sexy swoop.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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