Cars Slash Livejournal Community, submitted by Full Metal Miku. There's an old Internet urban legend about a TV show or movie that didn't have any fan fiction or erotic art inspired by it. Some say it exists, but nobody has ever seen it. Well, if you thought it was the Disney/Pixar animated movie Cars you are wrong like you always are.

“Can you blame me?” Lightning cried. Chick reared back, failing to hide the pain in his eyes. But Lightning was too busy ranting to notice. “I mean, you’re no sports car!”

“You didn’t seem to mind on Saturday night.”

“Like you would have cared if I minded.”

“The fuck does that mean?”

“What I mean, is, you care nothing about my say when it comes to taking what you want. You practically rape me every other night!”

“Rape you!” Chick shouted. “What the fuck? You’re the one always moaning ‘Oh, don’t stop, Chick!’ the whole time!”

“Whenever I’m not in the mood, you always go ahead and take what you want from me anyway. If that’s not non-consensual sex, I don’t know what is.”

“How can you not be in the mood? And I thought you liked the sex!”

“If I only wanted sex—like someone—I could easily find someone just as willing and twice as nice. You’re such an asshole, Chick.”

Keep in mind these are supposed to be computer animated cars. This Cars Slash Livejournal community is your one-stop shop for all your erotic Cars needs.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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