Chronic Club : Social Marijuana and Cannabis Community, submitted by stayelusiveigor. What? A Myspace-style community site for potheads? Well, I never:

And let's not forget the ever-popular online quiz thing, modified here to tell you what kind of marijuana you are:

You're Blue Haze!Depending on your inhabitants, you react in diffrent ways, with true smokers, you're lovely, you make us feel like anything is possible, you remove all doubt, you make us all happy no matter what.With virgin-lungs, you suck, you turn them into mashed potato, they fall in and out of conciousness, you make them utter the words.. "God, I'm never doing this again.."

This site shouldn't be called "Chronic Club". It should be "Future Employer Blackmail Club", since nobody using this site's ever going to get a title higher than "cashier". The people using this site are exactly why pot hasn't been legalized yet. If it was, nobody would get anything done because they'd do nothing but talk about smoking pot. Interesting conversations indeed.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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