Cap'N Kitten and the Space Bunnies, submitted by Hootie Hoo. Loony cartoonist "Carrie" has been churning out cartoons and comics about eating women since 1999. That's not a reference to oral sex. The artwork is all really terrible, but shitty artwork is easy to find. No, the greatness here can be found in the obsessive mega comics with childish scrawlings of women covered in digestive juices.

"Her" magnum opus is undoubtedly the 24-chapter "Monster Movie" comic.

Perhaps the fascination with being eaten steems from early identification with storybook characters like Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. I guess what I'm doing with this site is exploring my darker side. If I knew in college what I know now I'd probably have been into the Goth scene. It's all very beautiful, sensual and dark. Even now I think I might start dabbling in new age witchcraft.

For a vore site it's not really that graphic, which should have you silently thanking me. Dissolving sketletons or not, there is a whole hell of a lot to see on this content-packed site. It's all terrible, even the annoying-as-hell warning page, but it's also kind of endearing to think this nutball has been drawing the same really really terrible art for eight years.

For an extra treat strip out of the folder from the URL and you can see the even creepier site that hosts Carrie.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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