Classic art has always lacked imagination and wonder. There is just something dull, uninspired, and repulsive about a classic painting. But when one thinks of a battle mech, one is inspired by the awesome creativity and engineering that goes into making a giant robot vehicle. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before the two would come together to form what can only be described as the first truly classic art. Thanks to our Something Awful Forum Goons, we've got a whole armada of classic mech art ready and awaiting your timely approval. Please dig in!

Identity Thief started things off by making this picture out of a collection of pixels he inherited from a rich uncle.

Mathemagician hopes to expand his skill set to eventually include letters and not just numbers.

Batsarse has torrid love affairs with toaster ovens.

Bolt Vanderhuge smiled when he realized he wasn't susceptible to pepper spray.

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