Atrocities, submitted by Chris. I went to this site honestly hoping it would be one of those hip E/N catalogs of violence and death, unfortunately for us all is a goth fashion site. You would think someone who hated life and looked like a gay corpse (no offense to homosexuals or corpses) might not really care what they looked like. Think again! Instead of tattered zombie rags we've got the following:

"A Silent Prayer" Priest Cassock

Full length (53"), classically designed, high collared priest cassock is made from cotton twill, lightweight wool, or embossed black velvet. Fitted cassock has deep arm cuffs extending from the forearm to wrist, and features inverted pleating (for fullness) from center back waistline to lower hem. Center front is closed with antiqued silver buttons. Offered in men's sizes 36-42 (please include chest size when ordering).

Wow, sounds great, what's better is that the price is right at only 275 dollars for an embossed velvet version. It is sad to realize that these shitballs are better dressers than me, I think the most expensive shirt I own was that shirt I had to pay shipping on. Still, I'm not completely sold on this priest cassock idea, what's it like to wear? Will it flow with me when I walk? Let's read a customer review and find out!

Christianna ~ Mephisto Walz: "The hood is just lovely... the fabrics and design are perfect and it compliments many capes and coats that I have. I shall get much use out of it."

Booya! I was looking for something to wear with my cape! I was thinking blue and red spandex, but apparently the clothes they sell at will work just as well. I shall buy some!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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