Cats in Space, submitted by noquarter. They're cats. They're in space. They're on one of the most laughably terrible webpages in the history of "cats in space" websites, and I don't even know how long this idiocy has been going on. Knowing the Internet however, I would guess for at least a decade.

See, we rule up in the air,
Cats in space.
In our feline starships
Eating tuna floating in the air as there's
No gravity.
Cats in space.
Every world that's been discovered
Felines are everywhere.
Into each new world
Conquering as we go.
Tails held high
In a majestic pose.
Onward we go through the night
Now we truly rule all worlds!

I think I speak for the entire world's population when I express my innermost desire to see the owner of this site have his parts responsible for procreating shredded to bloody bits by his disturbed feline, who has probably grown weary of the incessant space travel talk around the house.

Several of our Astrocats advanced in Rank this month! Congratulations to Lady Midnight who has advanced to Cadet Sergeant, and Calli Victoria who has advanced to Cadet Captain! I am so proud of all you fine kitties!

Yeah, talk about killer resumé material.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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