Type a Headline Here), submitted by Mike. Note that the actual name of the page is "Type a Headline Here." That should be your first indication that this page has a couple barrels full of liquid pain for you. Then... once the page loads... oh boy. Get ready for a full frontal (and rear) wiggy wiggy werd-up whiteboy assault of stupidity. Yow!

Quig ~~ Been through mad junk.. We buds 4 life SuP TurNer ~~ EmTy!!! Look at his foot, uncle hemmi..lololol
YOU DA MAN!!!!!!! Marris~MW
AH!!!! Love
ya. Jacuzzi, hotel room, shower, counter.. LOL and kaits fu-tonLynn~ I know i can alwayz count on you to sing for me.. :-) Luv ya babe !MiKe F.~~ Head LooKs LikE a HaM BriAn KeLLy FaT ~~ YOU ALMOST KILLED ME SarAh ~ The ShoWer LoLoL

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Exciting bonus ultra-secret pictures of our hero, the world famous wiggy wiggy werd-up white boy "Joe" in action! Thrill as they "chill" in various poses they saw in Ebony Magazine!

Me and My Buds "Brian(Right) and Rob(Left)" Chillin

Yeah! Werd up! Nice bike, "G Money"! Get yo blizz blang on and move yo chrome to da sto' and buy momma some Maxipads and a gallon of milk, werd! And dont get none of dat pussy skim milk shit! 2% baby! Awwwww yeah! Make sure to check out the photo of him chillin' in grandma's bedroom. Raise DA roof, Joe! Grandma's roof! Awwww yeah, niggah!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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