Devious Provocations, submitted by L33t0. Chubby white 21-year old bitches about the same things that every chubby white 21-year old bitches about: politics, music, ex-girlfriends, and vague things that don't even appear to make a tiny amount of sense. All his rants approach the apex of both banality and idiocy around the exact same time... quite a skill!

These are my personal views, and are not intended to be viewed by anyone with morals. If you are such a person, your IP address is being logged, and I will refer you to the proper authorities. The disclaimer says that you have agreed not to bitch about the contents, not that I cannot bitch about the readers. DON’T LOOK AT ME IN THAT TONE OF VOICE! At any fucking rate, as I mentioned, this is MY page. I will do with it as I see fit. If I wanted to post a pic of someone getting fucked by an elephant, I will!

Gore wins the election! We’re just going to put Bush in office real quick, maybe they won’t notice who got the most votes! That’s the last fucking straw! That’s the squaw who stroked the camel’s sack! What the FUCK is that bullshit!? Gore won the election by 1/3 of a percent (it may not sound like much, but think of how many people live in this country…he won by about 100,000 votes) and they put the coke headed daddy’s boy into office!? Fuck that!

My friends and myself all went to a bonfire in the middle of a park, and got shitfaced. I met somebody there, and we ended up going out (even if her brother won’t admit it). It was completely sex based….which I didn’t mind……until I realized the bitch gave me the fucking clap.

The funny thing is that his boring, pointless, stupid rants just seem to go on and on and on and never stop. You know, kind of like this page.

Oh yah, I’m German, Polish, Irish, Scottish, and Cherokee. I’m a Cherscottpoliriman! Don’t ask, my brain shut off when I attempted to meld that all into one word. At any rate, this basically means that I can eat and drunk ANYTHING. Bring on the motherfucking draino!

Don't worry, DEVIOUS, I started chugging the Drano when I first clicked on the link to your site.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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