Some Stupid Fucking Chinese Guys Page, submitted by Jevon. Okay I'll admit right now that I cant read jack shit on this fucking page. Apparently they dont make no good keyboard in China, because this scum-rolling 4-eyed noodle bucket's inter-web site is such a steaming lump of utter shit that Im half tempted to turn off my goddamn computer right now and toss it over the I-32 interpass. I cant decipher any of this shit, so Ill just copy it all down and maybe you losers can figure out what the fuck it means.

JeSSicA T. ( My PaRTnER in CrimE...LoL ThankS For BeinG tHEre in ScieNcE! ), Jodi ( =0) YOu Know I HavE TO mucH to saY aBOuT yoU , But THANKS! ), JeN T. ( HeY uNNi! I sTiLL TAkeN CArE oF jeN BaBY...HeHE ThankS Sis FOr BeinG thERe ), Jen B. ( HeY! gTG BeaCH....Lol THankS For Being A gReat FrienD ), Jon A. ( mAMa SiTA!!! MuY BOniTA EH? LoL ), JerEmY ( Thanks FoR BeinG ThERe ), Jon ( My gamBLinG ParTneR ), JiLL K. ( HeY...Make ZOnES Now!), Jon L. ( My RicE Boi, SiLvia, HatCHiRokU, OpTion 2 SPeACiaLisT PerSOn FrieNd, LoL ), JiN ( HeHE... (_Y_), Thank YOu For HeLpInG ME), JuLi-AnNe ( mY BLack BuDD-E ), JaNiCE, jAsOn ( WAnNaBE DB DraG RacER? ) K - KeLi ( HeY YOu, GOtTA gO CRuisE Again, Kay? hEhE ThankS FOr AlL The TExT meSSageS ), KeViN O. ( KeFin! LoL THankS foR bEing a gOoD FrienD ), KeLen ( GoT E? Naw NaW, tHanks FOr BEinG a hELLA FunNy aSS fRiend ), KiLeY ( HeY olDEr siS, StaY SwEet And ReMembER Me!... AnD noT aS ErikA's LiL' jj ), KrYSTaL ( My HuSbAND LoL, THanks FOr Being TheRE... []D[][]v[][]D!!! ), kRsTaL K. ( Hey'S U. ThankS For ALwayS Typin TO me On AOl ), KiM T. ( GonNa StrikE a PoSE For ME?? HeHe ), KoLin ( tHaNKs For LeTtin Lil Ol Me HanG wiT u GuyS' ), KriStin O. ( HeY =0) ), KrYsTAL H. ( HeHE...LoL), KRistEn K. ( ThANkS For LiSTeNinG TO mY proBs in ALL of OuR CLaSSes... EveN THough wE WOulD GEt BusTEd )

What in Gods unholy name is this shit??? Looks like somebody needs to spend less time putting 80 inch exhaust pipes on their CRX and more time going to goddamn school. Speaking of shitted-out lumps of plastic toy cars, this bozo has about 50 fucking pages dedicated to the JapCrap wads of shit that he and his friends drive around.

Yeah, go pop a wheelie, Team Fucknut. Then I'll come over there and pop your jaw off your horsehead looking skull. Let's see how your bucket of crap cars stand up to an American crobar.

Oh yeah, heres a guestbook you can sign to let the guy know that he should save up his allowance for the next 12 decades so he can buy a new keyboard, one that doesnt screw up every other goddamn letter like his current one. Stupid fucking clownshit.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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