1THEONECHURCH, submitted by nova. Gee, it's been like what, two days since the last babbling, incoherent religious website? Luckily for all of you pagan beefballs out there, "1THEONECHURCH" will help you get your daily dose of confusing religious scripture and a collection of fonts larger than the entire Adobe library. Even if it didn't cycle through every font and color in the visible spectrum, this site would still be impossible to read. Why? Let me share the pain with you!

Society would NOT accept a police force that did not pursue truth, Society would NOT accept a school system where teachers taught that 2+2=5 even if you happen to have had a 5 "experience". So why is it ? ( We ask YOU ) .......... That only in the realm of religion, Is man SO willing to accept so many DOCTRINES short of TRUTH ??? Perhaps it was even prophesied.

This is a SERIOUS proposal to YOU, if you're a millionaire, for we know, new millionaires are being created around the world EVERYDAY, So Please let us give you specific insight as to what we, www. findthetruth .com are looking to be in the future. Thus you might consider the opportunity to be a part of what we see as an Astounding and Major Force, around the world, in leading souls to God's church.

No! If you're a millionaire and are reading this page, don't give some religious wacko nutjob your hard-earned money! Instead, give it to me, a non-religious wacko nutjob! I'm 50 times more coherent and although I've never met the author of this site, I can safely say that I smell much better than him. For a free bonus service, note that the screwjob wrote "END OF PAGE" at the end of each and every page. Wow, thanks a lot for tipping us off there, Sherlock Holmes. Maybe you can do some detective work yourself and find out at exactly what point in time your brain liquefied and turned into Quaker oatmeal.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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