shmoetry, submitted by Gunslinger, although I say guns are not solving the problems jus. This is page on the computer newspaper network that is about poetry, although it is special type calling shmoetry which is very big revolution with these crazy kids! I am spending all day until the sun goes down on this newspaper reading the fine words that are put together on the colorful and exciting background that goes to comfort my eyes. Sometimes I am moved into tears by these words but only when I am by myself. It does not make me less of a man to admit to sometimes going crying.

Look at this fine one! It is called "Two meals are going to walk down a street" and it was a favorite in my day.

There's two meals walking down a street.
A meal could get hurt. Do you think your stay here has helped you, asks a voice. Blind spots aimed at you like threats with no manual override. Slicing off a little piece of history's arm onto a plate shaped like your eye. Even if the sun kills the little bird without caring, it watches through colored glass.

That one is not making me to cry, it is just very otherworld and moving. Two meals going to walk down a street...hmmm...that is deep like pit where the drums of burning juices are buried near the gulch. Deeper than gulch. I consider myself an artist sometimes as well as artist of trade mark maneuvers, so I am going to try with the shmoems.

Burro in Grocery Store is Eating All the Beans.
The Burro is loose in the produce department where the rich people buy melons from Spain. I am too busy going to buy my beans. Beans of the soul. Then burro is coming to eat the beans too, he is unable to get enough of the eating. I try to say in a voice in my head, hey burro, stop these actions. He listens but then after he is considering for some time he eats the beans anyway. Like life.

I think it is pretty good, what do you say? Let me know!!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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