Miss Dawn's Theme Parties, submitted by Zack. Miss Dawn has everything it takes to make your special theme party exciting. This happens to include horrible tiled balloon backgrounds and often confusing pictures representing each party type.

You dream it, we make it happen! Bubble party, circus party, barbie party, ninja party, princess party, glamourparty, jewelry making party, cowboy party, bouncer party, balloon party....and More

YES!!! I've been planning my ninja party. I want to have my friend Ricky over and then jump down out of the rafters throwing shurikens and slit his throat with a wakazashi. I will then report to my oyabun that the deed has been done! The picture she has selected for the "Army Man Parties" is particularly odd. I think those are welders in hypercolor shirts hiding behind the bushes waiting to attack the other, floating, miniature welders. Apparently circus also equals magicians. I can't wait to schedule my Barbie Party with the talented Miss Dawn, you know she is talented because she provides no pictures of herself or her parties on her site! With no pictures my only guess is that "Miss Dawn" is a 64 year old ex-marine with shrapnel scars on his face and a criminal record for assaulting joggers with hedge clippers.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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