Dr Doom Croosover Madness, submitted by Rainbow Blight. Fan Fiction is bad enough. When you stir a little bit of almost incoherent grammar and a whole lot of "croosover" into the pot, you've got yourself quite a hilarious stew. Dr. Doom mixes fanfic pervert favorite Sailor Moon with various comics, video games, TV shows, and movies to create some of the hands down worst fan fiction you will ever read. He adds to this atmosphere of stupidity by playing horrible streaming RealAudio clips in the background.

Tuxedo Mask appeared and he totally lost it when he knew that one of Shao-Kahn’s warriors tried to rape his beloved Serena, he got beside her, she was still unconscious , and started to caress her blond hair while he talked to her

-I going to enter the tournament my love, that freak is going to pay for trying to hurt you.

Then he hitted the wall with his fist and walked out of the room.- Meanwhile Amy was still trying to stand up but her efforts where useless, she was barely able to balance herself, and the pain of her broken ribs made her cry but she wanted to be back to help her friends, in the end, the pain she felted on every inch of her body was to much for her to resist and she fainted.- Sonya and the others putted her back on the bed and Night Wolf applied some sort of medicines on her lacerated body with Artemis and Luna beside him.

I'm not certain why he uses hyphens instead of quotes to denote speech (amongst other things), but it certainly only further enhances the impact of the roiling emotions of Tuxedo Mask. It also enhances the impact of when Tuxedo Mask "hitted the wall".

P.S. - The good doctor has a guestbook he would like you to sign!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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