The Doll Palace, submitted by Konrad. Brave Interweb surfer Konrad has risked life and limb to locate the hideous sass-spit that spawned all of those "baby doll" images you see on stupid Geocities raver sites and shout out pages. I'm surprised he returned to us with his soul.

The different kinds of pointers/arrows on my main page and on the QLCH page are called cursors. The best site I have found to find cursors are Cometzone I like that site so if you want a cool cursor go there =)

These disgustingly sugary/sexy little cartoon characters are one of the new signs of "shitty" on the Interweb these days. Old Hallmarks of "shitty" include Comet Cursors, background midi music, Java animation applets, long and pointless Flash intros, and clipart mania. These "dolls" arrived on the scene so suddenly that they at first took me by surprise. Now that I know the vile womb that births them, I wish to go on a jihad to destroy them all. BABY DOLL IMAGES ARE THE GREAT SATAN.

PS - She has a Guestbook that I'm certain she would love for you to sign.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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