Rush Limbaugh Cartoons, submitted by Aaron. Not exactly cartoons in the traditional sense, or really any sense, this Rush Limbaugh fan has pasted together some terrible Photoshop "funnies". Why someone would ever make comics using this walking trash-heap of ultra-conservative bile is a mystery to me, but I enjoy solving mysteries. Let's try!

"Rush is always where the action is."

It's hilarious! My sides just detonated and are currently embedded in the walls to my left and right somewhere. You see, I think I've solved the mystery. By placing Limbaugh on Mars with the Pathfinder, they suggest not only that he is super human and capable of traveling vast distance subsisting only on his reserves of blubber, but also that he can survive the vacuum of space and still display a smile and a "go get 'em" thumbs up. Despite the fact that the world of Mars is photographed in red-hued color, Limbaugh appears in black and white. More specifically he appears in grayscale, which implies that this wit of our times, this giant of the thinking man, explores the issues that are not black OR white, but shades of gray. I'm not really sure how this is funny, I just know it is!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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