Emerald City Recordings, submitted by Anon. There is too much happening on this page with dorothy dancing around and the big staring mean man who reminds me of crustacean themed luchador The Claw, only Claw has less lightning bolts and is less annoying and probably smells less like dead seafood than people who are writing this computer book. They are having a CD - which is like a record only it is playing with dangerous laser that are contained within a plasma fields to keep from shooting out your eyes - that is about Homicide and murdering people. Also I am told by editor-types Rich and Zack that this book is being written by rudos supreme who is not thinking about the rules of good behavior and is fast toward the boat called "lawsuits".

13 TRAKS of GrindCore PowerGroove Rock 'N' Roll metal...73 minutes of FireBreathing BloodSpitting Flying 'V's from HELL!kontains klassik KISS kover "COLD GIN" (hidden/bonus trak)

I am not given to knowing who Kiss or rock band Klassik or Bloodspitting Flying V's, which is sounding like thing that happens after Major Corporals and Lieutenant Von Majors are performing with airborne kicks in their somewhat edging towards rudos tag team "Mexican Kicking Division". I am hearing of GrindCore and PowerGroove, these are wrestlers who are in the rings in Tijuana in the early eighties and PowerGroove would yell "lightning smack!" before each of his hits (which are too weak to put Yours Truly down for the counts). GrindCore is not so good either and he is retired now from spine columns injury that is leaving him in wheelchair and eating the foods out of a blender and through a pipe.

I am appreciating their fan natures of wrestling scenes but I am not overall liking the evil and murder they are talking about. I know it can be what the kids like some places these days although these men are perhaps a bit on the saucy side of the bed if you are seeing what I'm getting at.

When I get to fretting about the troubles of my day I like to put on a record that is calming my nerves. It is by wrestler going by name of Emperor Charles Les Maim and he is Mexican but he is pretending with French accent and he has quite the calming voice that goes well with the soft notes on the album. I am not having album cover to put into this computer book to show to you because the fumes that are floating off of American Chemical Factory drainage pit are removing color from everything and it all looks like two snow bears dancing in the blizzards. I am instead attempting to exercise my muscles in my mind and my hands that connect to the computer and draw this one up from the memories.

Friends, this is where the relaxing is to be had, not inside the ugly devil paint which is what Emerald City Recordings is wanting to tell you. So sit back and calm it down with Charles Les Maim and listen to the tones that are soothing over the troubled waters.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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