LOVER OF THE OCEANTIDE, submitted by Byrd. This is why all snotfaced kids under the age of 40 shouldn't be allowed to use computers or talk or go out into public or do whatever the hell they do to be so goddamn annoying.

i have always wanted to be a true friend to whoever needed on i have mostly wanted to be surrounded with bodybuilder friends becase a true beautiful muscle man who is on fire for jesus really cry because its just simply a a desire of my heart to pray and interveen and be in agreement for bodybuidlers everyday as well my best friends are kevin / christine / baron / matt / matthew / rob / robert / joey........

God delivered me from homosexuality on august 12,2000 and i am so happy to be free from it forever amen. i have no desire for a man in that reguars for to love as a freind and to hold and hug yes but nothing anal like that b/c i wanna strive to be like jesus all the time and yes there are those who hate me b/c i have changed or those who hold the past against me saying i wont change i cant or its impossible but if jesus can die on a cross to make away out for me then yes i can be free i dont care what anybody says nothing or nobody is worth loosing the relationhip i have with my father in heaven. but i wanted to open up with this so you will have a better view of me but if u have never asked jesus in your heart and you wanna change God with you as you read this write now! and you can be free but remember you will be free in God's timing! to be saved and escape the tribulation as it says in luke 21:36 we must pray that we are accounted worthy to miss the terrible things that is about to happen and that we are able to stand in front of the Son of Man.

i collect telephones / caller ids / shirts (anything that is silk / spandex / polyester / or muscle t-shirts of all colors at walmart for cheap prices / cds / pens / anything that is not normal or common like anybody else does :) i love driving back and forth to see my best friend christine in morgan city,la and 2!!!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with this braindead gutterball? Nothing that a little drainage pipe across the skull treatment can't fix.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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