The Coming Russian-Chinese New World Order, submitted by R-Lo. I enjoy two things in life: conspiracy nutjobs and brightly colored text marquees. Actually that reminds me, I also enjoy the comical hip-hop stylings of musician and gentleman Biz Markie. Unfortunately "The Coming Russian-Chinese New World Order" lacks the latter, but as compensation it provides huge overflowing fun buckets of the former.

If, like us, you were repelled and alarmed by the obsequious and eager greeting which President Clinton gave to President Jiang of China on his state visit to the United States, and if you were appalled by Clinton's gift of the strategic U.S. naval base at Long Beach, on America's west coast, to a Chinese shipping company in which the People's Liberation Army is a major investor [an act of outright treason as far as we're concerned], then you will be absolutely stunned by the content of this two-interview cassette tape set!

Oh, did I neglect to mention that the whole site is a ranting and horribly organized catalog of their batshit looney videos, tapes, and books? Well, yeah, it is, and still no fucking Biz Markie for me.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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