-Aliens and UFOs Among Us-, submitted by PhReaKy. Buckle up your intergalactic seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, because there are... here it comes... ALIENS AND UFOS AMONG US!!! If there was ever a time to panic, I would say it's right about now. Or maybe in a minute or so, but you've got to panic really soon, preferably while waving your arms around and screaming.

One night when I was around 10, I went to my friends house to sleep on the trampoline for the night. After jumping for a while we layed down and looked up at the stars. We saw a vague light like a shooting star fly across the sky. We looked at each other and said it was a shooting star. We decided to go to sleep because of having practice early in the morning. During the night I was awakened by my friend shaking me. He looked at me with an extremely terrifying look. He pointed to our neighbors yard and what I saw will haunt me for years. I saw a small grey looking "alien" about 3 1/2 ft tall. We started to scream but it put its finger to its lip and it restricted us to talk. I couldn't open my mouth and almost passed out. He walked to the window peered in for about 10 min. Then he ran away extremely fast into the woods.

Additional Comment: If you dont believe me I dont really care because I KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

WOW!!! Midget aliens have come to our planet to stare at 10 year old boys jumping on trampolines! It all makes sense now - there really are aliens and UFOs among us! Make sure to check out the vast collection of information this site contains, such as a page containing the various alien body types, alien bases on the moon, and various other text files which contain a lot of words that nobody in their right mind would care to read, much less write. But hey, there are pictures of floating Ford hubcaps for you to stare at, so enjoy.

PS: There is a guestbook you can sign if you've seen an alien or UFO among us. If you haven't seen an alien or UFO among us though, you can't sign the guestbook, so go jump on a trampoline with your kid brother until the midgets show up to stare at your bouncing asses.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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