Ivor Catt's Home Page, submitted by Anon. The Internet is a wonderful place. In one single sitting you can go from a fact-filled news site such as CNN or Something Awful, to a raving bugshit lunatic site such as Ivor Catt's website or Something Awful. Ivor Catt is some guy who really likes making colorful HTML tables and going on and on about how some evil organization is attempting to censor his positively ground-shattering information that he knows regarding electromagnetism, dysfunctional families, AIDS, and the Quakers. Finally, one website that combines the four topics which interest me the most!

Some five years ago I telephoned the deputy editor of THE FRIEND to warn her that in a totalitarian state, the PC party line could change rapidly, and leave THE FRIEND high and dry. This has now happened in the field of man- and family- bashing, with THE FRIEND being deserted by THE GUARDIAN, who are now publishing the PC incorrect rejoinder to the (then PC) family- and man-bashing in which occurred in THE FRIEND by, for instance, Grace Jansen 3dec93.

The danger is that the GUARDIAN might go on to betray the forces of darkness over the AIDS industry as well. (The red ribbon is a badge of "Aids ignorance".) (Last week I again spent a day with Margot, whose HIV+ husband was killed by the administration of Wellcome's toxic AZT for 2 years at $11,000 p.a., with the full support of Friends House HIV committee next door [to Wellcome HQ], whose chairman Drewery blocked a one-page document from me directed at members of her committee. Censorship can kill.)

While the PC Guardian has switched over the family-bashing, my schedule has the Society of Friends as lagging three years behind the PC dogma of the day. Thus, my prediction that the Morgan research results will be kept out of the Quaker Universe of Discourse until the year 2,000 is on course.

Oh no! FRIEND and GUARDIAN are both up Shit Creek now! Whatever will they do? I'm guessing that they'll use electromagnetism to get AIDS from their divorced parents, but hey, what do I know? Ivor Catt is definitely an expert on virtually everything, all of which is being preserved on the Internet for future generations of human beings who will look back at us and just laugh all day while they drive their bubble cars to floating cities that contain an awful lot of neon signs.

Whereas heavier than air airplanes were laughed off and censored for five years or so, the censorship and delay now, a century later, is far more than ten times as bad. The same goes for the Kernel Machine, my supercomputer containing a 2D array of one million processors, for which I had world patents.

Ooooh, a Kernal Machine! I love popcorn and I love the second dimension, so this sounds like the absolute perfect Christmas gift! I wonder if Ivor Catt has considered selling one of his many world patents to Ron Popeil? Then he could use the cash to fund his anti-AIDS / pro-electromagnetism social group which meets at the Dairy Queen every other Monday night to brainstorm stuff like the following:

I make the commitment that anyone wishing to counter any assertion made on this site will be guaranteed a hyperlink to a website of their choosing at the point where the disputed assertion is made. (Possibly we need a standard word for this. I suggest "Riposte", or the symbol [R] .) Ivor Catt. 24dec98. (Later developments.)

Huh? I think he's trying to hit on me or something!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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