A Pearfect Place, submitted by Nick. This site manages to calm me with its soothing MIDI music that reminds me of simpler times, like when I dedicated my life to building homes for the homeless that they couldn't get out of. Yet as it eases me into quiet reflection about pest deeds well done, it somehow also jolts me into agony with a hellish war fleet of images depicting obese women. It is in this conflicted emotional state that I am driven to want to hurt people in the manliest way a pathetic girl of a man like me possibly can. If there is one thing that stings my bosoms more than anything, it's people who feel the need to empower themselves. It's even worse when it's overweight women parading their potential health risk as a thing of beauty.

Hi from Pear Country! I am a proud confident supersize bbw who loves herself, her body and her life. I am blessed to have a man who loves all of me as well, and yes, we met online. While I am a supersize woman, I do not espouse the feeder/feedee concept, but do find great people who are welcoming to all in the movement.

The truly great thing is that she uses "supersize" to describe herself. You've got to respect a woman who uses a word best suited for ordering the largest size of soft drink and French fries available at a fast food restaurant to describe herself. You so sassy, girl!

The site also features the usual assortment of highly coveted internet awards handed out by random Geocities clowns, terrible artwork, and eye-sodomizing pictures. I'll have me a woman, AND SUPERSIZE IT!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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