Have you ever wished you could embrace a departed friend or family member? If you answered yes, are you desperate enough to consider paying a hefty price to cuddle with a stuffed animal filled with their ashen corpses? Inexplicably, Huggable Urns has found some takers for its plush $150-200 cremation-remains receptacles.

Huggable Urns creator Alexandra Lachini claims her father inspired her from beyond the grave: "He started to communicate to me how upset he was that after living his life to the fullest he ended up in some ugly hard container. This was just not acceptable to him. Was I surprised!!!" Not nearly as surprised as the unwitting children in the testimonials section will be once they learn their beloved toys contain the incinerated bodies of their siblings!

McDonalds, serving billions of people plus four dead children.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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