Lair 2000. Submitted by buddha211 and CakerX. Welcome to Lair2000's awesome website, which features about 80 million animated gifs, a lush musical soundtrack, and totally awesome information on dragons. Lair2000 has spent his/her/it life on the most noble pursuit of all: compiling 181 pages on western dragons, 113 pages on unicorns, 56 pages on wizards, 83 pages on mermaids, and 131 pagies on Winnie the Pooh. If that isn't a life well spent, then I don't know what life is and I want to die right now in protest.

This mystic place where clouds surround,
The air is magic, such peace is found.
The light shines here from an unreal sky,
Such beautiful creatures, pass you by.
The feeling you get in such a place,
time and distance can never erase,
A world so peaceful quiet, and serene.
It can't be real, seems like a dream.
It enfoldes you in it's enchanting arms,
Loving and protecting you, Safe at last from all harms.

Take a moment to escape the harsh confines of the Internet, which you are probably already using to escape the harsh confines of real life, and enjoy a rich fantasy world of goblins and fairies and marmadukes on this beautiful digital land of enchantement. May the mouse cursor of your soul forever be followed by 10 animated gifs (angels) as you journey through life! Perhaps in time you will become on of Lair2000's Friends of the Soul.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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