Was this an actual ALOD submission, or just a spam message? Sometimes, it's impossible to tell. Regardless, Meaningful Relations definitely qualifies as awful, due to its terrible artwork (see above) and its prominent use of the annoying non-word "Diablog." It's unclear what Meaningful Relations actually does, due to the mysterious nature of "sales consciousness" training and the fact that the explanatory video alternates between English and Dutch. Whatever it is, though, it generates some of the most awesomely retarded testimonials in Internet business history!

If you want to get everything out of your life, you must follow this course. After that you can say Welcome to Life 2.0. -- Frits Henrotte

To compress my experience in this training to sound bite would not cover the depth of emotions that I have. An energy begins to flow that you did not know was there. -- Peter Mijderwijk

Whatever you do, do it. It's freeing. -- Harro Philip

I thought I had already attended the "crème de la crème" of trainings - and there is something around, which I did not expect. -- Peter Lendl

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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