Name Poems (thank Jonathan) - An 18-year old girl from Amsterdam named Antje maintains a personal website in her alien moon language. Buried amid this gibberish talk is a page where Antje has written dozens of poems, in English, about her friends. She calls them "Name Poems" and her mastery of English is roughly equal to my mastery of her moon language.


Blond hair and blue eyes,
doesn't says that you're not wice.
Having you around at school,
can be nice, can be cool.
Having inspiration for football,
likes to shop in a clothesmall.
Got a boyfriend who is really cute,
and always takes care when you need food.
Having him around every day,
is for you a good option to stay.
Loves to go out with a friendclub,
and you're always in for thea in a cup.
Going out the all night is not a problem for you,
you can party over and over and i know its true.
The name is Bonny, a girl with a special hart,
wants to be with her boyfriend and never live apart!

Come, friendclub, let us take the drivecar to the clothesmall and purchase thea in a cup.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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