As Lowtax wrote during the only previous instance of an SA-approved site being recognized in this space, "It's not awful, but boy howdy, it sure is a link. OF THE DAY!" The third annual celebration of the National Day of Slayer occurs on Saturday 6/6/09, and I'm using this space to advocate high-volume public-place Slayer listening all weekend long.

In order to properly demonstrate their allegiance to Slayer, disciples must convert the group's name into an intense full-body scream, as demonstrated by the gentleman in this video. Such shouts can be released when an enthusiast encounters someone else in a Slayer shirt, or at a live music performance (need not be a Slayer show), or without any fucking provocation. Slayer fandom should be as loud and confrontational as the band itself. Show no mercy!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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