One of the hazards of the Awful Link inbox is that I can't simply dismiss spammy-sounding subject lines. For every subject that sounds like a plausible site suggestion but actually contains nothing but nonsense words in the message text ("Naruto Porn," to name one of dozens from this weekend alone), there's one with a too-stupid-sounding-to-be-true title that pans out. (In this case, "," which hosts numerous "erotic" Web comics.)

Christened Slipshine, ostensibly because of founding artist Josh Lesnick's "tendency to draw shiny people" and not some gross lube reason, this site offers free samples of titles such as "XXXenophile," "Dragon Fest," "Primal Tails" and "Sister Wolfia Focka." But beware, once you're hooked on bizarre, often crudely sketched cartoon porn, you'll surely feel the unquenchable need to explore the full archives, at the subscriber rate of $9 a month (or $90 a year).

Instead of serving as a compendium for random images yanked from the Internet, Slipshine operates as a collective with paid regular contributors. Given the amount of similarly themed imagery available for free, the question becomes: "How much do comic porn connoisseurs care about supporting the artists?" With a subscriber base between 500-700 people, a minuscule percentage of the demographic, the answer is clearly "not very much!" Oh, and it's a "sex positive" site, which means there's still sex with tentacle-like appendages, but it's all consensual!

This is pretty much the only printable image from the 'previews' page. FEEL ITS EROTIC POWER!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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