Ignorance is not BLISS! Ignorance is being told there's a juice steak on your plate but all you see is a small pile of dog crap. Are you going to eat that and pretend it's prime rib? NOT!

Zaphod's Planet offers more dog crap than "juice steak." Allegedly written by erstwhile liberals who now decry the "brainwashing" that influenced their former views, this site aims to convert left-wing visitors to conservatism. Given the astonishingly poor quality of the writing, it seems more plausible that the site is actually a satirical caricature of an idiot Republican blogger, intended to embarrass right-wing readers into changing sides.

Regardless, neither party will be in a rush to claim Zaphod's Planet. The biggest potential source of traffic might be Douglas Adams fans indignant that a site that takes its name from a Hitchhiker's Guide character could operate in such total opposition to the author's principles. Adams was an environmental activist who climbed a mountain in a rhino suit for charity; Zaphod writes "What about the planet, Save the planet! OMG, if I hear this load of crap one more time I'm going to puke!" Adams would be rolling in his grave, if the self-proclaimed radical atheist believed in any form of postmortem movement.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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