The Monster at the End of This Movie (2000)

Directed by
Tim Burton

Writing credits
Jon Stone (novel)
Tim Burton (screenplay)

Genre: Horror / Suspense / Hot Topic / Comedy / Gothic Johnny Depp (more)

Tagline: Some endings are too horrifying to see...

Plot Summary: A college woman befriends a tortured artist with a dark past and a haunted double identity. (more) (view trailer)

Plot Keywords: Johnny Depp is the Monster at the End / Female on Male Rape Attempt / Diaphanous Man-child / Ha-ha but not "funny" ha-ha more like "clowns" ha-ha (more)

User Comments: A great reimagining of the book. Poetic, tragic, funny, touching, Johnny Depp is beautiful like a scarf on a chemo patient's head. You just want to take care of him and nurture him, make him know everything is okay, nurse him back to health, and tie him to a cot in your cellar and breast feed him while you(more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 7.7 / 10 (9,449 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:

Johnny Depp ... Mr. Grover / The Nightmere
Natalie Portman ... Mia Persimmons
Ryan Reynolds ... Chuck Muggsly
Helena Bonham Carter ... Mother
Barry Corbin ... Gramps Persimmons
Vincent Price ... Dr. Henson

Also Known As:

Tim Burton and Some Ginger Twat With a Xylophone do Sesame Street (UK)
Vini-centu Por-iceu Return (Jpn)
Oui Oui Jeanny Depp, Oh-ho-ho (Fra)
Das Edward mit den Scherenhanden VI: Edward Gehe zu Universitat (Ger)
Bloody Flourish 1 1 Diaper (Xej)

Runtime: Just long enough for you to start hating Danny Elfman all over again
Country: The Spooooooky Koooooooky Graveyard of the imagination
Language: Very Wimpy
Color: Emototone
Aspect Ratio: 24:7 (Baby)
Sound Mix: Oingomatic Boingotronics
Certification: UK: Fizzy Fanny 15 / Japan: No Foreigners Allowed / Germany: Nicht Titten Haben / France: Freedom Films / Xerenej: Hyphen Dot Dot Dash


  • Continuity: When Mr. Grover finally transforms into the Nightmere and Mia begs for him not to attack it cuts back to the Nightmere and it is Mr. Grover again, but then you can see the Nightmere's hand reaching for Mia, then it shows the transformation sequence again, then she begs for the Nightmere to resist his bestial side and it shows Mr. Grover from an earlier scene at the grocery store and a previously unseen cut of him transforming into the Nightmere in the bakery and eating a cake.
  • Crew or equipment visible: When Chuck Muggsly pushes Mr. Grover in front of the truck the feet of the crewmen carrying the truck prop are visible between the wheels.
  • Revealing Mistakes: When Mia falls out of the hay loft in the barn you can clearly see the horses watching and laughing from the hayloft and peaking over haystacks laughing at what is going on because they can't believe it and they can't stop laughing, it is just too much. Unbelievable. He he he.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Depp walks into a sliding glass door carrying a bowl of potato salad and falls to the ground and someone yells "cut". Mr. Grover might not be familiar with glass and someone in the kitchen might be worried about him cutting himself on broken glass.
  • Errors in geography: There is no constellation in the shape of Johnny Depp visible to the naked eye.


  • The digital recreation of Vincent Price was approved by his estate only after Burton agreed to make him much more muscular and powerful. This is why he is always pumping iron and bending bars during his monologues.
  • Director trademark: [Tim Burton] [music] Indistinguishable music by Danny Elfman tonally identical to all other Tim Burton soundtracks.
  • It took sixteen days of shooting to film the rock and roll contest at the county fair, a grueling shoot that forced Depp to totally grind mega-riffs out like a true thrashmaster 24/7 for the entire schedule. At the end of this grueling journey he completed his transformation to rock god. Actually this trivia was intended for the Jared Leto film Cool and Crazy.
  • Director trademark: [Tim Burton] A girl with too much mascara falling in love with a boy with too much mascara.
  • This film holds the officially certified title for most uses of the word "chode" and second most uses of the phrases "eat it, chode!" and "bite my nards, Chodesworth", having been beaten out by Robinhood: Prince of Thieves and North respectively.

AMDB Memorable Quotes:

Mr. Grover: I had a dream, that there, was...a monster in the the end of the trail
Mia: It was just a dream, Mr. Grover.
Mr. Grover
: What if it wasn't?
Mia: Stop being so afraid.
Mr. Grover: Listen, I have an idea. If we just stop walking on the trail, we'll never get to that monster.
Mia: I have to know. I have to know what's there.

Chuck Muggsly: Hey Freak-o, where's your monster now?
Mr. Grover: It's not here. It's at the end of the-
Chuck Muggsly: I can see there's not monster, Farty Face. Now get ready for a well-earned tenderizing.

Mr. Grover: Why does everyone hate me because I'm different, Mia?
Mia: They don't! you, because you're...different.
Mr. Grover
: Do you love me because I'm different.
Mia: I think, I mean, I- AHHHHH!
Mr. Grover: Oh no, I'm changing! Becoming a---argh- terrible horrible monster!
Mia: It was you! Lovable, weird, Mr. Grover! You are the monster at the end of the trail!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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