Hasten 88 Unctuous (1991)

Directed by
Zelo Fleck
KING (omnicredit)

Writing credits
Commission 77 (pre-screenplay)
Commission 78 (screenplay)

Special National 6 6 4 Unit (post-screenplay)

Deboraah Squritzer (re-screenplay)
KING (omnicredit)

Genre: Mesmerism / Suspense / Disorienting / Tone Drama / Dystopian Romance (more)

Tagline: Look, it is.

Plot Summary: Door open man come out man go in with woman and man in URBAN ZONE exit to COUNTRY ZONE scenery shooting more shooting 4 4 up the hill down the hill WHEELED VEHICLE PURSUIT object occluded non-procreative intercourse twist THE END !HAIL KING! List of names. Film product (more) (view trailer)

Plot Keywords: Hair in a bucket / Tears turn into birds / UFO is the god / Babies crawl out of motor oil lagoon / Man robot smokes a girl's style pipe (more)

User Comments: Family is agog. Saw movie and left through chute halfway through, came out on top, went back down and paid again just to see begin part twice before end part. Thrust whole family into this, through the ladder and up the sides. Let's try together. !HAIL (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! A STAR!?A STAR!?A STAR!?A STAR!? 1-2-5-1-4/ 2-2-5-2-3 (1 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:

Top Rascal ... Mysterious Stranger
A Sensual Woman ... Miss Xerenej 1991 Her Gorgeous Majesty Vort Folgers
Mr. Bad Intentions ... The Hated Blindo
Mysterious Stranger ... T.J. Rascal
Lady ... Chug Wizwall
Lady ... Windchink Mechagordita
Lady ... Crazylex
Lady ... Hamper Panther
Lady ... Whomper 99
Lady ... Stranger Rascaltop

Also Known As:

Spidermon (USA)
Nutter Dross (UK)
Cop: Wheeled Vehicle Pursuit (Jpn)
Langston le Langostin (Fra)
Underwasserauftrag des Teddybear Kapitan und der Rascalich Getoppen (Ger)

Runtime: Exact amount up to the end
Country: Xerenej
Language: Enkhlej
Color: Vrek Bananahammer's Sonoluminescent Orchestra
Aspect Ratio: 275,634:98,334
Sound Mix: Zohedrophonics
MOVIEmeter: PERFECT why?
Certification: Xerenej: Oh. / USA: ER-PPC / UK: Bag o' Shite / Japan: Heebee Chibis / Germany: Rascal Verboten / France: Polanski-13 / Volkistan: HATESHOW


  • Continuity: A bag is full and then not full. Then is made full again. There are more bags. Bags everywhere. Who put them upon the male actor's body?
  • Continuity: 6 instead of 7 code pushed on Friend Cat when 7 is said in begin part. It works???
  • Crew or equipment visible: Hatemonks in background during cop talk. Not mentioned. The sound is mute even though they make Hatescream.
  • Revealing Mistakes: A kiss is forbidden out of doors. No love cop punish.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Bear ate a leaf when bear eat a meat. Maybe he want a leaf? Maybe he messed all up in the mind.
  • Factual errors: "USA" is not pronounced "Oosa".
  • Factual errors: The Statue of Liberty is not the President of "Oosa America".
  • Factual errors: The USA was not in "true story it is a quantum time fight" with "Oosa Canada".
  • Errors in geography: The moon is not a continent.


  • KING is even more magnificent then is possible. His majesty cannot be disputed. His every movement is love poem to great nation Xerenej. I cry. !HAIL KING!
  • Director trademark: [Zelo Fleck] Movie begins inside egg. Egg hatches.
  • The island nation of Xerenej releases a single movie every year through it state-run Commission 76 For Entertainment and Informent. The 1990 release was the musical Boron Flagellate and Hasten 88 Unctuous was followed by the 1992 animated feature 0 Blossom 7 3. Each film since 1968 has been directed by Zelo Fleck, the "blood cousin" of Xerenej's beloved KING. Each movie receives a 4-star review from Xerenej's only film critic Ronald K. Ronald who writes for Xerenej's only newspaper TIMESS.
  • Director trademark: [Zelo Fleck] Cat inside a wall meowing through scene.
  • Director trademark: [Zelo Fleck] [music] Soundtrack is color.
  • Director trademark: [Zelo Fleck] [narrative] Events occur without context or explanation.
  • Crazylex was originally cast as Lady, but after director Zelo Fleck witnessed her trundling he immediately cast her as Lady. Newcomer Whomper 99 took over her role as Lady.
  • During first screens of film in CAPITAL THEATRE three men die from beauty. They turn back alive later and said it was worth for great movie.
  • Picture is banned in horrible Xerenej's neighboring beautiful island nation of Volkistan by decree of PRESIDENTE NUMERO UNO. It is garbage picture of filth and lies. *DEATH TO KING*

AMDB Memorable Quotes:

Top Rascal: Open door we go inside.
A Sensual Woman: I cannot.
Top Rascal: Why cannot you? Open door.
A Sensual Woman: My arms so heavy. They do not lift.
Top Rascal: You hold stone.
A Sensual Woman: These thing are not a stone. They a dream.
Top Rascal: Set dream free...
A Sensual Woman: Ah, now I see it. My arms lift.

Lady: Why we here?
Lady: He want talk.
Mr. Bad Intentions: No talk. I want the sensual embrace.

Top Rascal: You! Cannot tame this brat.
Lady: I will hug you the night long.
Top Rascal
: Apologize. You not a type.
Lady: What type that?
Top Rascal: Nevermind, it KING!

Top Rascal: It dead.
A Sensual Woman: We cannot be forgiven.
Top Rascal: Okay, okay, come down. We run that way.
A Sensual Woman: My legs, they so heavy. They do not run..
Top Rascal: The dreams!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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